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Ecobag Sac Captain Tsubasa

Plushes Street Fight

Plushes Puyo Puyo Compile

Plushes Kirby

Rating system

Our used product condition rating system is fairly straightforward. We give particular notes for the states of boxes, instructions, inserts, CDs and cartridges. Then in the technical sheet we award an average.

Giving a rating to a product is not that simple. Everyone will have their opinion on the score to give, but we try to remain as objective as possible. We do not overrate the products.

Here are the details of the notes:

  • 5/5 (Mint, Excellent condition, close to new)
  • 4/5 (Very good condition)
  • 3/5 (Good condition)
  • 2,5/5 (Average condition, fair)
  • Bad Condition
  • Junk (poor condition, not tested, not guaranteed)